How do I cure my dogs ear problem without going to the vet?

My dog keeps shaking his head and rubbing his ear on my leg. I think its an ear infection, or ear mites but I don’t want to go to the vet. It looks like theres alot of dark wax in that one ear.

Dogs don’t get ear mites as commonly as cats. Don’t treat for something unless you are sure of what it is!!!!
You can at least get a dog ear cleaner and some cotton balls and clean the ear out REALLY well twice daily. You can get WAY DOWN DEEP into the ear cannal since the dogs ear forms a 90 degree angle. You won’t hurt the ear. It may be very sore if there is an infection though. If you are cleaning it really well and it isn’t getting better, or you can’t get down far enough due to the pain, you need to see a vet ASAP!!! A ear infection is painful and the dog shouldn’t suffer with something that can be easily treated!!!!!

Get some ear mite drops and use every day for a couple of weeks. If you use a cotton bud and stick it right inside it will cure the problem but if you don’t the drops never clear the mites. You must get rid of as much of that dark rancid-smelling stuff as possible BEFORE the drops and try again after the drops until your buds are cleanish.
It’s difficult to poke the eardrum and cause damage because the canal takes a 90 degree bend but nevertheless you should be gentle.
I’ve had ear mite in several dogs and the only time they really cleared is when I cleaned the dark crap out before the drops – a vet showed me how and now my dogs never have mites. But if the outer ear is red and swoolen I think it’s an infection and you need antibiotic ear drops like Otosporin. Hope this helps you.

My puppy had the same problem. I took her to the vet. The vet gave us some ear drops to put in her ears for 2 weeks and it cleared up pretty good. If you absolutely do not want to take your dog to the vet then try cleaning your dogs ears lightly with vinegar water and see if that does the trick. If not, schedule an appointment with the vet. The vet told us to use the vinegar water before we put the drops in her ears. Hope it works for you. You and your dog take care.

Otosporin Ear Drops

A vet There are no home remedies for ear infections. The dog needs to go back tot he vet

of course your best bet would be to take the poor puppy to the vet and they can give u ear drops that will cure the problem very quickly. Until then try a mixture of vinegar and water to flush the ears out.

It maybe ear mites like the others have said but it could also be a allergic reaction to beef, pork and wheat. Most dog foods have those as their main ingredients. By taking your dog to the vet he can check for mites and advise you what do do if you dog has allergies to those ingredinets by having it eat lamb and rice dog food and remove all produsts that have any of the others in them including bones, chew toys, and snacks.

You can try a little sweet oil that can be bought at drug stores… There are also other items you can buy just for ear mites….But this does need to be taken care of NOW… You more then likely will end up taking your dog to the vet…

You really need to go to a vet. An infection CAN go to the brain.
It the ear just has a lot of little black specks, like dirt, flea eggs and you can remove with q-tip and proxide, but, becareful not to go IN the ear just around the surface, but, go to a vet…..

there might be fleas that hid inside your dog ear and it causes ear mites you can use small cotton buds make it a little wet squeeze water out to make it partial wet clean it once a day if it is serious clean it twice or more daily buy good ear clener and drip few drop inside rub your dog ear and let him shake the dirt out hope this help

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