For those Christians that believe that people of Middle Eastern origin should be racially profiled at airports?

What if you happened to arrest a returned Jesus Christ at the airport?
And had him detained at an FBI holding cell while going through his belongings?

Huuuh? How would you feel then?

That woukl be fun if it happened.

Seriously, my brother-in-law is Turkish-American and refuses to change his first name of Cemil (Jameel to the rest of you), He speaks English and Spanish, has no interest in his ethnic background and just wants to work/live in peace as an American software engineer. Every time he and my sister bring their sons to visit my mother, it’s a major hassle at the airport.

Taxpayers should be happy he’s not the type to sue.

My favorite moment was TSA pulling my 82-year-old father out of the line. He was suffering Alzheimer’s, wearing a cap clearly showing he had attended a WW2 pilot’s reunion in the city and got snarled at when he said “I must have done something or they wouldn’t be arresting me.” I followed and was threatened with arrest.

Being the vindictive type when it comes to family, I flashed my press card and said “Great, help me win the Pulitzer.” They let him go after I explained he had Alzheimers. I should have said something to them about the dangers of steroids.

I’m not christian but honestly I think there is a way higher chance of catching a terrorist in an airport than Jesus returned.
I do have to disagree with the people who say that racial profiling is wrong. In this day and age there is a war going on in the middle east, caused by the middle easterners, and they have made several attempts to bomb the United States again. This isn’t to be ignorant, it is to be wise and protect the innocent people living in this country.

I am a 44 year old white male, who drives a late model SUV… if I am driving around Biscayne Blvd in Miami around 40th to 60th streets between midnight and 4 Am I will bet you a cop will “racially profile” me and assume I am out cruising for hookers.(Actually happened to me, I passed up a gas station where I was going to buy some chips and a soda , slowed down, made a u-turn to go back and a cop pulled me over (Funny, it was a black cop) he was polite enough, and asked me if I knew why he pulled me over, I was completely at a loss and asked if it was legal to make a u-turn there , he smirked and said “You and I both know what you are doing here, just leave before I find a reason to arrest you”.

My retardedAss had no clue until I got home and relayed the story to my wife, who thought it was hilarious..

Similarly, if two white kids in a late model Honda are driving around “the hood” at night dressed in Mall clothes, they are probably NOT there visiting grandma and just came to score some drugs…

At the airport I think it is reasonably prudent to “Profile” certain people.. Black people are not going to hijack the plane… They might talk throughout the inflight movie, but they won’t be hijacking the plane.

Who might be high on the list of people to profile at the airport? Please tell me, I would like to give those charged with keeping us safe a pointer or two//

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It is evident why you have had so many previous accounts.

Get real………no one that I know “wants” middle eastern ” people profiled at airports or elsewhere. But our 70,80 an 90 years old parents who are nationals DO NOT deserve to be either! The current bans on shampoo, toothpaste and other personal items make NO sense! Citizens are paying the price for the destruction of a handful of terrorists.

First off Jesus told us in the Bible how he is coming back,and I don’t believe anyone deserves to be treated poorly because of their race we are all created by God and should treat everyone with the same amount of respect as we would want to have.I have never understood how people can be so mean to people because of who they are.

I would rather they focus their eyes this well on everyone, somehow. Have you ever seen the show lie to me. They can tell by someone’s face if they are hiding something or lying. I think it would be good to have this kind of expert at every check point.

Well, 1st of all, we’d need to check his passport to establish where He was coming back from, then, it would seem prudent to go thru his belongings to make sure he didn’t have a bomb in his sandals or drugs concealed in his tube of hand cream.

It is a discrimination!! I am a Muslim and definitely not a terrorist or a extremist. Was in USA two years ago it was horrible to witness how some people have been treated!

First explain why Jesus is at the airport.

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