Family Emergency -?

We had a family emergency and my husband had to take our christmas money and go back home to be with his mother. So now we have no money for christmas presents for our girls. (we were going to take his last paycheck and go shopping this weekend… but he had to leave town this morning- and use his paycheck for his…

I had a friend in almost the same situation a couple of years ago. She went to a church and they really came through, not only did they give toys for the kids but gave her some cash too..Check it out, it won’t hurt to try. Another idea, if you have something to pawn temporarily until January and go to the Goodwill or Salvation Army, I have gotten some nice things there and they usually have lots of toys and games.

DO NOT MAKE A PAYDAY LOAN. interest may seem low BUT it gets you in the long run. it could be as expensive as a loan with a 300% APR.

If you have a credit card and might be able to pay off sometime after recovering from the emergency…i say use it.
Christmas is about giving. You might wanna try teaching that to your daughters by volunteering to help the needy.

Or try spending less and get them something with a smaller price tag.

It’s more likely just part of a storyline that gives HHH this week off.With the tour of Japan coming up & the Elimination Chamber set for Feb 17th , he maybe has asked for some time off to prepare.

If you have a credit card, you could charge it. Go to Target or someplace that offers instant credit cards and apply. You get 10% off the purchase too. When the January bill comes in you will have your financial aid money to pay off the bill. Don’t charge more than you can pay off in one month.

Well talk to your children and explain what is going on. Stop being so hard on yourself. Go to any $1.00 store and buy them as much as possible. Its not whats under the tree that counts its the person behind the gifts. Girl I have 7 children and I do what I can for them. They have never really had alot but we have one another and thats what counts.

There’s places that will give you a quick loan for a few hundred bucks. Not that helpful I know. But you could google something like quick loans

Maybe try American General….I have used them for personal loans before…they usually only do 1000 min though…sorry I don’t know any more services….Good Luck.

Can you cash in your piggy banks?


Just go to a dollar store & pick out somethings.

apply for a credit card, or speak to a rep at your bank / credit union to see if they can set you up with a line of credit account.

Try Ameriloan…..

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