Easy 10 points………………?

Can someone help me with my world history homework whoever does will get 10 points just make sure you are on YIM only if u are good in world history

I got an idea, why don’t you take that to the education category??

This is Singles & Dating. It’s for serious problems, not your good-for-nothing 8th grade history homework.

a million. Yes, I do find it irresistible however I am NOT beneath any instances obsessed and don’t have any endurance with the freakish, obsessed, groupie fangirls. I find it irresistible considering the fact that, good, it’s distinct from the identical historical sugary candy prime tuition musical tweeniebopper pap that I on the whole learn/watch (am looking to scale back on that although!) two. No, have not learn it. I might love to although, I have heard it is extremely well. three. I have handiest learn the primary 2 books. So I wouldn’t have a favorite. I have noticeable the first, second and 4th movies additionally and might love to learn and notice the relaxation of books and movies. Only dull library certainly not has those you wish!

1 Napolean Bonaparte. (had a nice horse)

2 Mussolini (made the trains run on time)


I know history from Prehistory to the Present. I can tell you almost anything.

I know so many random facts my friends want to throw books at me lol

i agree with ajeet s. the internet is the most resourceful thing you could use beside your history book if you brought it home.

but what field in history?

Wrong section~!

Why you need person, when you have internet with you? 🙂

Go suck a lemon.

lol **** HW u must be a fishy

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