Does it seem the Republicans are back to their same old Voter Suppression tricks?

In the 80s, the Republican Party was put under warning for this stuff, then it resurfaced in 2000 and 2004.

i really hope that obama wins…i don’t think we can take another four years of republican policy.

No voter suppression here in PA. I just attended a class for the board of elections to help get rid of voter FRAUD. I’ll be in the booth on behalf of the REPUBLICAN party to make sure people like YOU have an ID, otherwise, you’ll be voting provisional. Nothing “suppresive” about it. It’s the law. Read into it.

There is a such thing as a provisional ballot that they have to give you and it’s up to the BOARD OF ELECTIONS to decide if you are actually registered. They have a Minority and a Majority party member at each board. I’ll also be making sure the machines are set to “0”

Do you think that they let these things go on all willy nilly? Please. Think before you ask a question like this.

I suppose Acorn and all the laws that allow people to vote by stating what park bench they sleep on is a legit way. The sad thing is these people probably think the are helping but they are not. You would think the 1st thing a president would do is correct the voting system. We go through this every election. I mean the military still can not get there votes cast. How sad is that.

certain, the u . s . a . continues to be a democracy. even as the attorneys commence amassing like a %. of wolves outdoors their door state leaders get frightened. the fee of the regulation matches voter suppression will reason ought to spoil them. many human beings experience their constitutional appropriate to vote are being violated and they are combating back and they should be combating back.

Wow! THat writer is hateful. I couldnt even finish reading the story because of the obvious lack of bias in the first two sentences. How about a news article simply stating the facts. Do you have a link to something like that?

I do not know if it is true or not. If a wanted known criminal shows up to vote are they not arrested?

If someone is on americas most wanted showing up to vote may not be a good idea of they want to avoid being captured right?

If someone is an illegal alien can they be arrested during their voting?

I am not sure about these things.

Sure. Are the democrats going to stuff the box with illegal voters this year? It would be nice if the voting democrats were alive this time.

of course the entire us news media telling everyone that Obama is going to win all 50 states for the last 2 weeks isn’t suppression.

You’ve been duped!!

Not any more than the Democrats who keep registering illegal aliens and dead people and send people around to the polls to vote under those names. In case you missed it, the group that Obama recently donated over $800K to is under investigation in over a dozen states.

You mean with Mickey Mouse and the Dallas football team, dead people registered, all Democrat tricks

Suppressing fake votes is evil! there ought to be laws against suppressing fake ballots! I mean how is a socialist terror supporter supposed to get into office these days with these evil republicans trying to stop fraudulent “fairness”?

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