Do all female Scottish football fans look this bad?…

She ain’t Scottish lolol ! that’s a plastic paddy !

there should be NO woman football fans. It is entirely a man’s sport. Woman that like football are either masculine or what they describe as “scheme burds”, normally attached to some drunk arrogant obnoxious male. Like a ‘ho’ they are normally dressed to kill and when they open their mouthes you recoil.

Subo is a national treasure, an international phenomenon, she is loaded to the hilt, she can sing like an angel and to top it all off she is a Celtic fan.
Fair enough if she looked like a super babe then she’d have the lot but I bet you would not say no if she asked you out on a date.
You and Subo out on a romantic date, that’s it, you have been trawling the net looking for pictures of Subo.
Write to her, take a chance on love fellow, you only live once.

She’s in the right place tae `Dream a Dream’.

Seen that pic before and trust me, she is one of the better looking female selic fans. So in answer to your q, no, there are much, much worse at darkheap.

Sorry, but is it worth looking at a pic that only offers some kind of generalisation?

I better look at your picture thinking, is this the kind of person that covers the stereotype of stereotyping people?

Lots to be learned, hey?

The poor lassies no playing wi a full deck

Show’s how shallow you are.

celtic fans, yes.

Her bank balance looks alright though eh?

think we would rather have susan boyle as a fan than maggie punchbag mendes….so she isnt the best lookin of the bunch so what? on saturday nite when u go out on the pull can u honestly do better i doubt it…..grow up

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