Difference between cocoa powder and hot chocolate powder?

What exactly is the difference between cocoa powder and drinking chocolate powder?
And if i have a recipe which needs cocoa powder would it really screw it up if i used hot chocolate powder instead?

yep. cocoa powder is not sweetened

Difference Between Chocolate And Cocoa

Cocoa powder is used for baking. It’s alot more bitter than Hot Chocolate powder.

Buy some real cocoa powder and you will be able to use the remainder for the most chocolaty drink of your life,Put som cocoa powder in cup, just add sugar to taste, mix it to a paste with a small amount of milk, then put this paste in the microwave for 1 minute to make the cocoa powder burst its bubbles, (its like flour) then add more milk and heat to warm – Nothing beats real cocoa.

The difference is that hot choc powder has loads of sugar added, and sometimes other flavourings and sweeteners added. If you use hot choc instead of cocoa your recipe might be too sweet – better to buy cocoa as an ingredient and drink, just add a little sugar if you feel it needs sweetened. The amount of sugar they put in hot choc is ridiculous!

how does Drinking Chocolate vary from Hot Cocoa? Hot Cocoa is and instant powder that produces a “sickly over-sweet” drink by adding either hot water or hot milk as required. But “drinking chocolate” is “thick, slow, and luscious, and it must be made from solid chocolate.”

Yes. Hot chocolate powder is basicallly used for hot chocolate only, so it has a lot of sugar. Cocoa powder is for baking only and it has no sugar.

cocoa powder is powder obtained from toasted and ground cocoa pods. hot chocolate powder usually contains cocoa powder in tiny quantities, as well as thickeners like maize starch, sugar or other sweeteners and other compounds. if in a recipe it says cocoa powder and you use hot choc powder, yes, you would screw it up big time! bye…

cocoa powder is just cocoa, hot chocolate has additives, you would not get a chocolate taste with hot choc

Drinking chocolate is one part cocoa to two parts sugar.
Oh and a pinch of salt is some!

cocoa powder is raw unrefined cocoa
chocolate is refined and ready to drink when added to milk

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