Crossing the US/Canadian border?

My friends and I will be taking a train ride through New York and into Canada. We have our passports. What can we expect when we get to the border? What do the agents do and ask?

If you are US citizens, not much. Simple questions and nothing to be stressed about. Citizens of any other country, you may require a visa to enter.

Where were you born? Where do you live? Where do you work? Where are you going? How long will you stay there? When was the last time you were in Canada? Do you have a criminal record? Are you carrying any citrus fruit? (seriously)

Usually on the train they are pretty brief…sometimes when I’ve taken the train they only just glance at my passport and don’t even ask questions. However, there’s always the off chance that for some reason they think you’re up to something or just choose you for a random extra screening where they might search all your bags and ask you some more questions about your family, your job, etc.

You’ll be asked:
To provide ID [eg passport]
Names, destination, duration of stay….

Coming into Canada is relatively easy given ID, we don’t have threats or world terrorism or any of that stuff… the main concern is basically just proving who you are, making sure there’s no crimminal charges or past that would prohibit you from entering, and that you’re not bringing anything illegal across the border [vegtables, exotic animals, alcohol, firearms, etc]

Getting [back] into the USA is a different story, they’re way more uptight [with good reason and with much more to worry about than Canada has]… but as you’re Americans with valid ID it shouldn’t be a hassle for you and you can expect the same types of routine questions.

I assume you’re visitors to Canada.

They’ll ask for the purpose and length of your stay.

They may ask if you have anything being left in Canada (such as gifts). If so, what’s the value of each gift or most expensive gift.

Where you will be staying.

What will you be doing.

Ask if you have family or friends in Canada.

If you’ve been to Canada before.

Usually, they’ll ask the basics & I recommend you give full & straightforward answers.

As soon as you get to the Canadian border WHAM! its turns into a frozen, cold, syrup loving, hocking playing, polar bear riding, and igloo living land. In New York State its, no snow, but WHAM as soon as you enter Canada it turns cold- this is what most Americans think of Canada ( I am not accusing you but educate your fellow Americans on the weather in Canada when you get home)

They ask where you are going and why. They ask how long you are going to be there. Nothing else much unless they think they have a reason to question you further.

Where were you born?
Are you importing anything?

Other than that…it’s pretty simple

You’ll have to have at least $5 on you.

And if you go through either Buffalo or Niagara Falls…I’ll wave as you go bye

they ask what ever they need to ask as long as the passports are up to date and you are not wanted
you should be fine.

They ask if you have any maple syrup on you so they can drink it.

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