Can you use a sub woofer that would normally be used in a home stereo system as a car sub woofer?

Would you be able to plug it into a car amp and it would all work fine?

Sure I just wouldnt do it.

1st of all, mad props for working with what you got. having said that here are a few little tid-bits that will help.
one of the the big misconceptions is if a speaker says 100 watts max. that you should only run up to 100 watts, actually what you don’t want to do is under power a speaker. If it says 100 watts, you would be safer running 300 watts as long as you have a good ground and no engine noise.In other words, good clean power, heres why.simply put a speaker produces sound by the voice coil moving in n out of where it sits inside the magnet on the back of the speaker. every time it gets thrown out the magnet is the mussel that pulls it back, if the magnet is under powered it cant pull the voice coil back
fast enough so it jumps out too far and thats how you blow a speaker. Now especially since you’re using a home audio speaker that probably has a smaller magnet than a car audio speaker would. also being that a sub has a longer throw of the voice coil than a mid or a tweeter theres greater risk of blowing one by under powering it rather than overpowering it. also if your deck has a numerical LCD for displaying the volume, anything over 25 is a distorted signal if it displays db’s 0 is the highest you can go without distorting the signal
Now to answer the question you asked…
yah it should work fine. Good luck.

Yeah it has been done and it can be done. WHats the cone made out of? If its paper… non treated paper then you may have some problems if it would get damp*wet). If its poly or treated paper then you would have no problems at all.

Its probably 8 ohms so it may not be an easy plug and play for a regular car amplifier. You need usuallly a 4 ohm or lower impedance(ohm) load to get some decent power from a car audio amplifier. Good luck!

I knew someone who used his home stereo speakers in his Civic. The speaker was so big it took the entire Civic (Hatchback) trunk. Not like it’s a huge space anyways, but yeah.
But I also heard, that if your speaker requires a lot of power, then it can cause some damage.

A car subwoofer is going to have alot more bass in your house. Because it is ment to pound unlike a house subwoofer. The house subwoofer just basically gives you a alright amount of bass but it is nothing compared to how loud the car sub will be.

yes it would work but like the other person said its most likely 8 ohm so if you hooked it up to an amp you would be getting ahlf the power of the amp at 4 ohm

Make sure the ohm rating on the speaker is compatible with your amp. Build a nice enclosure for it to avoid being ghetto.

Yes you can but it will not be as durable as a sub designed for auto use. And the sound quality will not be as good. Unless it is an expensive home audio speaker.

Sure, as long as the impedance (in ‘ohms’) of the sub isn’t less than the minimal impedance rating of the amp.

Have Fun!

No! Leave your sub woofer and twinky tweeters at home where they belong. Not everyone on the road wants to listen to your crap…

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