Atheists – why do you always apply what our so-called “religious leaders” do by labeling us as so?


You might not like that our “religious leaders” are legislating for, say, no gay-marriage.

Well, I’ve seen that you take that fact and then try to label us Christians as gay-haters.

HALT, wait just a sec!

Did i personally ever say that I hated gays? No, I did not.

I personally…

No my friend, I don’t even know you, but as long as you keep your religion where it belongs, in your own home and place of worship, than I won’t ever even really think about you or your views. However, if you knock on my door to speak about religion, stand behind those who want religious views in our common laws, or forgive me, stand behind religion and fly planes into buildings, than yes, I have a problem with you. If you are in the first group, than I say good day.

Generalization. Almost every atheist on Y!A will do it once to Christians or other religions. Same goes for the religious. If there were a way to boot one group away from the other (by say a new section) there might be some progress to stop the hate. Same would go with the politics section. But, I guess we all have are problems.

It seems, however, that near the evening and the night it’s the religious people’s turn to get attacked and slandered. Early in the morning is usually the opposite.

EDIT: For better results, maybe you should title “Christian haters” instead of “atheists” because it seems too often people on R&S avoid questions entirely by pointing out flaws in the other person’s question.

Iamsparticles – That’s very doubtful.

I think you should take your own advice and not generalize all atheists. I have never said all Christians are ‘gay-haters’ in fact, all the homosexuals I know are Christians. But there are a good number of Christians who do hate gays. Still, unlike you, I’m not so quick to generalize.

You get lumped all together the same way that all Middle Easterners have been getting lumped together. If you do not want your “Leaders” going around creating legislation that does not apply to your views, you need to either get new leadership or stand up against your current leaders. Just the same as the war on terror got all wacky, people condone terrorist attacks, or even just don’t say anything against it, that is the same as condoning it. If you choose to hide behind your leaders then you are no better.

OK, you’re the exception to the rule. Congratulations.
I try very hard not to generalize by saying *all* people are anything — because such a position is never supportable.
The simple fact, however, is that in the US poll after poll shows the majority of christians don’t think gays deserve equal rights, don’t want gays openly serving in the military, don’t want gays living in their community, and don’t like or trust gays.
Then the “christian leaders” make a public spectacle of themselves, and they themselves say that “all christians” are behind them.
Seems like your problem is with the “christian leaders,” not with me. If you don’t want them representing your religion, kick ’em out.


Okay, I won’t label you a gay-hater. I’ll label you a collaberationist that silently sits back allowing his faith to go on carrying out a policy of hatred that you don’t personally believe.
You’re more like the people in the Nazi Party that may not have killed the Jews, but sat back and let it happen.
Does that make you feel better?

Then why don’t you act by contacting your “religious leaders” and tell them that you don’t approve of their representing your beliefs.

Oh, wait.. Religion isn’t a democracy. They represent your interests whether you want them to or not. It is not about YOUR will, it’s about GOD’S will, which, supposedly, these “religious leaders” represent.

So, YOU may not say you hate gays or gay marriage, but your religion says it does. And, by “your religion”, I mean those “religious leaders” who speak for you, even if you don’t want them to.

Jesus Christ replaced into not conservative. He lived a clean way of accepting others and residing in peace. Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Ben Franklin, John Adams – all the Founding Fathers – weren’t conservatives. They have been traitors and rebels, forsaking the political orthodoxy of their day. Martin Luther replaced into not a conservative. He challenged the authority of the church. Martin Luther King Jr. replaced into shot for his capability and difficult the immoral treatment of alternative human beings – different individuals. women individuals can vote because of the fact suffragist leaders who fought the conservative ideology of their day. African individuals are “comprehensive” voters right this moment because of the fact abolitionists universal that, they too, have been human beings, opposite to the conservative voices of their day. Any innovative progression in human historic previous wherein we study – dare I say, evolve – to a greater efficient way of treating one yet another or governing ourselves is a consequence of the liberal thinkers of their day. The conservative voice has continuously – on any important social, political or ethical concern – been on the dropping and incorrect area of the argument. for the time of human historic previous. And that conservative voice has continuously been the embarrassment of destiny generations. If what I say or my political ideals reason some soreness for others I safeguard my place understanding I refuse to be the embarrassment to my infants that the conservatives of my mum and dad’ era have shown to be. i’m proud to be a liberal. it is the ethical lifestyle. it is the nicely suited area of the argument.

Please link a copy of the letter you wrote to your “religious leaders”.
You know, the letter containing the outrage you felt when they tried to ban gay marriages. Show us what you wrote condemning their actions, and how you wont stand for any bigotry or close-minded attitudes.

Until then, since you are a member of that organization, I will assume you accept and support their efforts in the particular example you have given.

Did I personally ever say that Christians are gay haters? Hypocrisy to a tee.

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