What are healthy alternatives to drinking soft drinks? besides water/milk?

Not juices either because they are acidic.

humans are designing to ingest water as the main drink, get used to it. how many types of drinks do you think other lifeforms on the planet have?

most so called sugar free drink mixes are not sugar free. the ones that don’t contain artificial sugars contain maltodextrin which is a glucose polymer with a GI of 100. however the government allows food manufactures to not call this a sugar because it is long chained.

There is Ice T and Gatorade. The worse things about soft drinks is the HFCS and the best thing is the taste and experience. I’d say buy more WATER based drinks, even classic Cheerwine (made with water and not High Fructose Corn Syrup), and seeing how they are made with water – if they are too sweet add some bottled/distilled water. IT works for me.

Unless you’re a hardcore athelete, stay away from gatorade. It’s not good for you if you are not working out and sweating alot. The same goes for other sportsdrinks. What about flavored water or snapple? Those are good. But, Vitamin water is actually bad for you because it has so much sugar in it.

Carbonated water
I get acid free oj because I have a acid problem, so Acid free juice

not really water and milk are the best things you can drink. i drink about 2 liters of water a day and 2 glasses of milk. you get used to it after a while. they do make some fitness waters that are flavored that aren’t too bad.

I have been drinking Crystal Light with Caffiene. Also they have a new Cranberry juice with green tea in it that is really good.

I like fizzy water (Peligrino) with lime and a straw. I also water down fruit juices or lemonade. In fact, lemon/limeaid mixed with fizzy water is quite nice. Iced tea is also yummy.

Orange Juice
Tomato Juice

Are you looking to lose weight, or simply trying to be healthier? I’m on a health kick and right now I’m doing a lot of Crystal Light. If you still want to do soda try 7-up because it is caffeine and sodium free.

Herbal and green tea either hot or cold.

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