Unique baby names?

My friend is pregnant but lacks imagination, so I felt cOmpelled to come up with some options for her. So far I have Special Dave, Spiderman or Monkey Boy if it’s a boy, and Barbie, Pony Ride and Space Chimp if it’s a girl. Any other suggestions?

OMG! I’m, like, totally putting this question on my Watchlist.

Spiderman would be approved by my significant other in half a second. As would Arthur C. Gary Gygax Clarke.

Girl names:
Polly Want a Crackerhead
Mary Poppins Pooped in my Shoes
Bob Marley

Boy Names:
Pony Boy (from ‘The Outsiders’)
Dolly/Dali Llama Boy
The Elephant man/boy

Girl Names:
Horatio, Horace, Hornswoggler, or Horeish (a family name)

Boy Names:
Prissy Pants, Fancy Pants, Fancy Boy, or Galapago’s Island (also a family name)

I agree with anything beginning with “the” –

The Hulk
The Chopper
The Freak Show

They’re all strong names. I think Space Chimp is more of a boy’s name though. She may be picked on in the playground…

Paragon of Evolution
Walking Proteins

Space Chimp is a boys name! Gawwwd.

Chuck Norris


BOY-Budweiser “Bud”, Coors “Cory”, Lasher, Taltos, Yuri
GIRL-Rowan, Tessa, Morrigan, Emaleth

My suggestion is to put you on Prozac. Naming a child is a serious thing, it affects how they are perceived and their self esteem forever. So please choose a name that will enable he/she to assimilate into the culture that surrounds them, and if you feel the need to exercise your creativity write a poem or something instead of thinking up ludicrous names for poor innocent children!

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