Scorpio Man betrayed by Cancer Woman?

I had a Cancer Woman leave me cause she couldn’t deal with my medical condition…. Cancer ( hodkins lymphoma) Im so ******* upset there is no way i can forgive and all I think about now is the perfect revenge. getting revenge is all i care about at this point. People say Cancer girls are the perfect match for…

aquarius will appreciate you the most, man it was your mistake from the beginning because cancer is not a sign to trust. Did she make fun of you? Didn’t she even explain her position? The best revenge if you have a car licence crush her with your car I dunno ******* work your brain. Pay someone to throw acid on her face. But if you decide to be the big person it will be better

Step NO 1. Forget the stars e.g. astrology. They are a lot of hot air. As a Cancerian I have never had a male friend who was a scorpio. I think that they just say because the two are water signs or some such thing that people should get on. It is pollywaffle. Ignore it and join a Christian church. You will get people who are stable and have good values. There, you may also meet a nice lady who will stick by you in spite of your Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Step No 2: Forget about revenge. It is born out of your being bitter at being hurt. You will achieve nothing by being vengeful. Show that you can rise above what has happened and move onto another friendship in new company.

Step No 3: Focus on getting the right treatment for your Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and see if you can beat it. It is a very aggressive form of cancer. However, some people do get lucky and overcome it.

If you are into meditation, consider doing a bit of Christian meditation at home. Here are some links that may help.

Christian meditation.…

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Meditation Australia Free

This will provide free access to the bible in a number of forms.
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I hope that this information helps and that you overcome the desire to seek revenge. Seek peace of mind instead and a more stable life and better health.

Good Luck!!!

I have done GREAT with Scorpio men despite all of the bs they put me through. When a Cancer woman loves and respects you, you could almost put a gun to her head and she would not leave you! The fact of the matter is she did not love or respect you. We are only loyal when we are truly in love. When we are not in love we can really be players and no good (sorry to admit)
I have a Scorpio moon and i understand your need for revenge. You will obsess over the situation it will consume you until you get your revenge. I say go for it! What she did hurt you and you need her to feel that pain. I understand you fully. As for me, I CANNOT forgive a person who’s wronged me until they feel 10xs worse than they made me feel. After that there are no hard feelings on my side and I will probably feel so bad about it that I would try to then nurture their pain away. Just know your limits. Don’t be physical. Hurt her emotionally. its not to hard to hurt a Cancer anyway

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I think you’re right, cancer women and scorpio men don’t match all, i had also the same experience with a scorpio male, and i’m a cancer female indeed.

I think the relationship goes pretty well, til one of us hurts the other one, and it ends really badly !

Just leave her alone, i thought about revenge too, but now i just let it go and a accept the fact that revenge wouldn’t make me feel any better.

And the zodiac who is the most loyal is scorpio and cancer as well indeed lol

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After 5 years “he won’t really commit”?? That would be a definite problem for me as well! You obviously can’t gently nudge this guy into a relationship, you need to be open and honest with him and tell him what you need out of this relationship. I would think after 5 years together that would be pretty easy for you.

I think revenge is not the answer.I think you should change your thought to the positive & leave the rest to good old Karma.All the best from a fellow scorp

Don’t seek revenge if will just internally cause you more pain literally just realise she wasnt the one for you. just aim on looking after yourself don’t thing about relationships at this point of you life its time to heal literally and emotionally.

Sign can’t really be used to compare compatibility. It is for reference only. And, nope, revenge isn’t good. It will only lead to more vengeance.

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