My dog ate dark chocolate?

I was gone last night, and my mother informed me that my dog ate a bag of Dove dark chocolate. It was about 20 or so hours ago, and seen then my dog has thrown up about 3 or 4 times. She seems fine now, but should I take further action? Help!

(She weighs about 70 pounds and regularly eats human food)

My dog has eaten chocolate on 3 occasions and it is fine. Best thing to do is make sure it has vomited, which it has done. Try to get it to eat something in order to dilute it during digestion. Check its heart rate. If it is unusually fast, then take it to the vet. Otherwise it is fine. The only real time to worry about dogs and chocolate is if you have a small dog who has eaten a large quantity of chocolate and has a fast heart rate. By the sounds of it though, your dog is big and might have an upset tummy for a couple of days, but should otherwise be fine.

i’m hoping and pray that he lives. And it actual relies upon on how plenty he ate while in comparison along with his weight. dark chocolate is the worst while in comparison with milk or jointly as chocolate. I even have 2 12 lb canines who in simple terms have been given returned from the ER Vet with the aid of fact we found a torn container of dark chocolate on the floor. They precipitated vomiting for the two canines with the aid of fact we did no longer understand who ate what. because it seems, the female (rescue) ate 2.4 oz.. of dark chocolate jointly as the male (our toddler with the aid of fact puppyhood) ate none.the female become given liquid charcoal afterwards to soak up regardless of become left in her equipment. This befell in the two hours we’ve been long previous. They have been given the chocolate by using escaping from a (30″) gated section and leaping on the kitchen table. Thank goodness we rushed them to the vet. the two are superb now. the female is interior the crate next to me so as that i will computer screen her. i won’t be in a position to await the 40-one” tall gate to reach.

It would still be a good idea to take her to the vet.

She shouldn’t be eating human food on a regular basis, pick a healthy dog brand or feed her a raw meat diet. As for the chocolate, your dog would have to eat a fair amount in order to hurt her, but just to be on the safe side go to the vet.

You should really contact your dog’s vet but if you are unable to do that, then you should monitor him until tomorrow. If he continues to vomit or have diarrhea, he needs to go to the vet. Dark chocolate is the worst type of chocolate for dogs, but you are lucky that he is pretty large. In the future, if it happens again, you can give him hydrogen peroxide but ask your vet how much to give (usually 1-2 ml per pound, so for him it would be 70-140 ml). Just be sure to keep him outside because it will force him to vomit a lot, thus forcing the chocolate out.

She may have thrown it all up, but it would still be a good idea taking her to a vet considering she ate a whole bag.

Nothing you can do a day after the fact.

I would take your dog to the vet… dark chocolate can be lethal to them, so I recommend ensuring your dog’s safety. If she ends up being fine, then no harm done, but rather be safe than sorry.

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