Liberals what is the most lame excuse you ever heard from a Conservative when defending George W Bush?

Bush was an poor leader. And I’m a con. but by comparison Obama makes him look like he was one of the better. bush is gone, no one is to blame for the mess we are in now, other than the Liberal congress and its leader Obama. For once do the right thing, be a man and accept responsibility for your and their actions.

That he was supposedly a conservative (when in fact he wanted open borders and did not want to build the fence to close the southern border) and that we should always support him and nay other Republican just because they were Republicans no matter how liberal they were because supposedly the Democrats who the Republicans always bend over backwards to accommodate, are even worse.

Liberalism whether Democrat or Republican is the problem.
We cannot stop liberalism from ruining the country by supporting liberals like the Republicans just because they are “not Democrats”.

In American politics, that is the lamest excuse, anyone can possibly make.

Listen to what William S said….

I’m less about “defending” Bush and more interested in holding the man who is in charge NOW responsible for leading the country. And NOT letting him and his minions get away with “lame excuses” laying blame on the one before him to lower the country’s expectations and give him a scapegoat for current actions.

Take some responsibility for the country as it is and LEAD! Quit trying to “change” us into another European country (w/ worse economic policies and outcomes than the U.S.). Quit apologizing for the U.S. Quit blaming everyone ELSE for stuff.

The lamest one i ever heard is that George Bush was a conservative

Conservatives do not defend his mistakes. We clearly acknowledge his flaws.

You should be worrying about Obama, he is the one in charge now.

It was Clintons fault.

That other people were in control of his actions…..but that could be true….

That he was dyslexic … !

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