Is Microsoft really letting Genuine Windows XP users download a free copy of Windows Vista?

I heard some news about it, I forgot where, but the news says that since Windows XP would soon be phased out, Microsoft is letting genuine XP users download a free OS of Vista. Not sure about it though. If it’s true, where can I download it? If it’s not, thanks a lot for the info.

I have not heard anything of it. But I think that what you have heard is very unlikely to be true. Do you think Microsoft would go distributing their new OS without charge? If XP gets too backdated, then its good for MIcrosoft’s business- more people would be purchasing their Vista OS.

If they do distribute it to people who previously had bought the genuine version of XP, who would be left? People who use pirated versions, right? Then no one will be left to buy a genuine disc of Windows Vista.
And Microsoft is surely not doing charity work! 😉

hi i’m an administrator at our uni on E-Academy, relatively as quickly as you have logged into the MSDN AA internet site and downloaded the product you’re issued a product activation quantity from Microsoft it relatively is actual. you may ask for an extra product quantity too as an occasion to place in on one greater pc.

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