can you report certain mobile numbers to the police?

Long story short, i keep getting prank calls from the same few numbers and their mobile number is visible on my phone..the prank calls have been going on for a long time now. Do you think it’s worth reporting it to the police or not because it’s not an actual ’emergency’ ? I have made a note of…

That’s definitely threatening behaviour, and you should phone the police and report it. Phone the police station (the non-emergency number, in the UK this is 101) and report it – they will give you advice on how to block those specific numbers (it will probably involve speaking to your phone company), and then they will look into it. Don’t hesitate to phone the police, a very similar thing happened to my brother and it was dealt with, it’s certainly serious enough to warrant reporting.

Good luck, I hope it gets sorted for you 🙂

Report A Mobile Number


If you were the victim of a crime, and the only witness of that crime happened to be an illegal immigrant, wouldn’t you want that witness to come forward, and not be afraid of being deported? If you are reporting a crime as a citizen, do you want the officer distracted by trying to determine whether you are legal or not? Will involving the local police in policing the illegal immigrant issue make the issue go away? Does local law enforcement receive any financial support in exchange for assisting the INS with their mission? I’m pretty sure the answer to both is no… Local law enforcement already serves as a band-aid for a lot of existing social problems (homelessness, the debate over medical marijuana, dysfunctional families, the mentally ill, etc.), there’s no reason for local law enforcement to try and tackle a problem that is too big and complex for them to solve. Illegal immigration is a federal problem. Let the INS deal with it. Then, maybe, Congress will address the larger issue of immigration. We don’t seem to have a problem with handing out work visa’s left and right to other countries that are further away. If we’ve got work that nobody else wants to do, then why not make it easier (and legal) for Mexicans to do this work?

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I read somewhere that even if local police reported every illegal immigrant that came across their desks that INS does not have the resources to go and pick up and process every one of them. I don’t know how factual that is but it sounds plausible. I am also concerned that attempting to determine the legal status of every offender who crosses their desks will unnecessarily burden local law enforcement. I also tend to agree with the officers who say that reporting illegals will erode the trust of the local immigrant communities and make their job more difficult to do. I assume that not everyone in these communities is illegal and that many are legal US residents who either have family who are illegal or know someone who is. And if helping the police causes their friends and families to become targeted by INS than no one will talk to the police. And it makes sense to me that this would make the jobs of the local law enforcement difficult and result in a decrease in convictions, if nothing else. On the other hand, it doesnt sit well with me that criminals in general are being recycled back into the system. Im sure its not just illegals that this occurs to. And in theory it would be a permanent solution to eliminate these criminals from our population by simply deporting them. But you would have to consider if the costs of doing so really outweigh the cost to the INS and local enforcement. So, basically I’m not convinced its worthwhile for local law enforcement to determine the legal status of everyone they arrest and report the illegals to immigration. But if anyone is willing to convince me otherwise…..

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