Christians, whose “laws” are you breaking when you sin, since Jesus supposedly “saved” you from the laws?

Don’t say the 10 commandments, because they are part and parcel of Yahweh’s laws, and if Jesus died to save you from the laws, he died to save you from ALL the laws. The laws were separated by MEN–not god. So whose laws are you REALLY following??

BQ–What is a “sin” to you when a…

According to Christian mythology, Jesus died to save humans from their sins. He did not die to save them from his laws. Therefore, it is still completely possible for sin to exist, as the laws are still in place. The death of Jesus is essentially viewed as a human sacrifice that pays for these sins. The better question to ask is why God needed to kill himself, in the form of Jesus, in order to allow himself to forgive people.

Let me restate the question a little. Because I’m seeing a lot of people missing the point of this excellent question

Whenever someone points out the brutalness of the Mosaic law, such as the laws allowing selling your daughter into slavery, the requirements to stone angstful children, adulterers, and just about anyone who gets out of line, and a bunch of other nasty stuff that is found in Exodus, Deuteronomy and Numbers, Christians invariably point out that “Jesus died so that we are no longer bound by those laws”.

This question is asking: If you are no longer bound by those laws, what laws are you now bound to that define “sin”?

I think it is an excellent question. I’ll do my best as an atheist to answer that question.

First of all, I think we should remove any of the “laws” invented by Paul of Tarsus. He was not a lawgiver, he was a preacher. I reject that he had the authority to define God’s law. Even Moses supposedly got his laws directly from God on the top of Mount Sinai. Paul doesn’t even claim that much.

Additionally, I think that since Jesus was supposedly the one who freed us from the Mosaic law AND Jesus said we should follow HIS commandments (not Paul’s), we should look strictly at the commandments from Jesus.

After doing a little research, I found 38 such commandments. What is nice is that this page has the same list of 38 (even if I quibble a bit with the page’s exposition text):…

Overall, as an atheist, I have very little to complain about in these commandments. What is interesting is not only what is there, but also what is NOT there. For example, homosexuality? Not a word.

I think the additional irony is that looking at these as God’s law would upset most fundamentalist Christian Republicans:
– “Pray Privately, Not to be Seen of Men” (so much for “revivals”!)
– “Do not Store up Treasures on Earth” (from a Republican? never.)
– “Do not Judge” (ha!!)
– “Do not Oppose Other Christian Groups” (LAUGH!)
– “Love Your Enemies” (or bomb them into the stone age….)
– “Care for Those in Distress” (universal health care and welfare? that’s SOCIALISM!)

Fact is the law we are saved from iis spiritual law called death for sin against God which is also spiritual, it has to do with unobedience. The law was not written when adam and even obeyed the serpent, yet it separated them from paradise with God.Now let us go a step further. Man sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Law was created after the tower of babel and Abraham family had been in eventually enslavedl in egypt for 400 some years which is prophesy spoken to God to Abraham, but it was Isaac children that would see this take place. The law then came with Moses when Moses was leading the People in Exodus 20. Law of Moses was the law to govern the people like our laws are today. However the ten commandments are the only one writeen by the hand of God and all the law is fulfilled in two commands Christ gave. Love the Lord thy God with all your heart, soul and mind and to love your neighbor has yourself.

No Christian believes it okay to break the law. In fact it is taught to scripturall to obey the legal law. However not to speak of Christ was not even on the books in any town that forbidded the disciples from speaking Jesus that is why the disciples continued to speak though it was not written law. There are laws that are advisory with no concrete purpose but to stifffle free speech and laws that are written that are obeyed. The law of our land says do not steal and do not kill. So we do neither of these things.

Jesus “saves” men from sin. It is written the old covenant law was added because of sin, and made sin utterly sinful. That law also prescribed a sacrifice for sin as the payment for sin, which payment was made by Him. So the penalty for sin has been satisfied, regardless of how you define it in relation to that law that was a covenant law, where all parties to said covenant have now died.

Sin therefore, for a Christian, is a non-issue, even as that law is a non-issue. Living by the spirit is not about compliance with a written codification of law. It is about living and “walking” according to faith.

Does a Christian therefore “sin”? While still in the flesh, yes, but again, it is a non-issue seeing as the penalty for sin has been paid. No one can be tried and convicted and punished twice for the same “crime”. One however cannot sin against that law, for that covenant law ended, and there was sin in the world before there was that law.

Can a Christian “get away with anything” and still go to heaven? You overlook the nature of, and influence of the Holy Spirit as a guide in the life of a Christian, where one’s motivations are driven by that Spirit, and no longer driven by human nature that seeks to sate its sinful nature, often at the expense of others.


The most important commandment is to love the Lord your God with all your heart,soul and mind and your neighbor as yourself , In doing this you fulfill all of the commandments. Jesus said this.
Christians follow the teachings of Jesus . That is why they are not Jewish. They do not follow the laws of Moses.
Sin means missing the mark of excellence or perfection. Think of a bullseye and an archer.
God is the one we answer to for sin.
The requirement of the law was Jesus and is Jesus. It does not mean we are free to stop being merciful.

First off, I believe you need to study the script a bit more. Jesus never actually stated you are “saved.” It’s more like if you listen to him, you may not suffer. Also, the 10 Commandments are actually sinful. Especially considering that when Jesus was at the local pub smoking a joint and drinking a beer, he didn’t say, “You know mannn… I think that people be havin trouble followin dem 613 commandeemagobs. Lets cuts dem down to twen so dem fools dont have a darn tootin issue wit dat shtuffs.” Christianity is corrupt in that sense.

Sin is missing the mark. The Holy Spirit gets us back on target. He uses past laws to communicate this as well as new understandings

Those new understandings include new definitions, different ways of seeing things more clearly.

He saves us from our primordial sin temptation a delious chocolate cake let by a stanger when we are spiritually working out and we have the choice eat it or keep working out our spirituality

Do you not like Jesus’ answer to that question ? I do

If you love me you will keep my commandments.” (John 14:15)

21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. …Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’

When you sin you are always breaking GOD’S Laws.

Before we are “saved” we are just sinners.
After we are “saved” we are just sinners saved by Grace. (forgiven)

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