Christians: Does it not bother you that if you were in India right now you would be Hindu?

Fact is, a very small percentage of people convert to religions other than the one they were raised to believe in. Doesn’t it bother you that if you were raised in a different religious culture that you would be arguing just as storngly about the “truth” of that religion, the one that you are now a…

Yes yes yes! I’ve said it myself, most poor sheep are just being led around whether by religion, politics, social whatever. And the amazing thing is, that at least in the USA, these brainwashed sheep often claim to be unique free thinking people!!! All the while they are basking in their TV and Movie land prescribed, christian republican lifestyles!!!!!!
Me, seems I’ve been a free thinker since early adulthood. I was raised in Catholic religion and try to be a perfect little girl…but between the catholic sisters and my abusive mother, seems no matter what I did…it was wrong! That convinced me early on all it was bunk! Especially, as a young adult when I began to meet rare but real people with integrity and real values.
Amazingly though, I was always very religious…I felt very spiritual in church and while praying. However, I left the Catholic Church at age 21 because of all the hypocrisy and sexism (I am a women!) Spiritually continued to be important to me. After a long search, I found I was Pagan and then Wiccan and have been happily so ever since…the 80;s.
Though my search was at times, painful and at other times lonely, I am well satisfied and happy with myself. And at least I am fully alive! How many of you US republican xtian sheep can say that? Or those of you living your lives according to tv and/or movies? Or any of you around the world who has never questioned how you were brought up?

Dear Scott P,

Does it bother you that you do not know this? Scott, please follow me for just a minute…. Because a man wears an airline pilot’s uniform, does this make him a pilot? I believe you can see from 9-11 that those men who flew the planes into the World Trade Center had the appearance of being pilots but they were not concerned about the safety of their passengers. How about the M.D. who molests and rapes his female patients while under anesthesia? These men had an M.D. license but were not concerned about the health and well being of their patients! What about the grade school teachers who have molested and raped some of their students. Were these teachers concerned about the educational advancement of their students? Sop it is with “Christianity.” We cannot see the heart of an individual? A person may dress nicely and make some lovely testimonies but in reality may still be unsaved!! Have you never read the parable of the wheat and the tares in Matthew chpt 13? These 2 plants look the same until you examine the fruit. The fact I would like to convey to you is that when God saves a person, He changes their heart (not their appearance). And this change (a new resurrected soul) is eternal; not heare today-gone tomorrow! But you have to understand that God does the whole work and man does nothing! And if God decides to save a Hindu or a Muslim or a Catholic or a Baptist etc. He will save them. You see religion does not save a person from sin, Christ does! I would suggest that read carefully Matthew 7:21-23 which will open your understanding. Remember God is no respecter of persons. So it does not matter what nationality you are, or what language you speak, or what education you have. If God intends to save you, He will. For more info see

That bothered me a lot mostly because I am Bisexual. So I converted to Buddhism but, there will probably be something about it that I cannot accept as truth and look elsewhere for until I just accept that it is just God and I and however we decide to carry on our relationship is OK. I also have a theory that organized religion is the devil.

No it doesn’t bother me because I would find the truth anyway. Christianity is the only true religion, the others are false, and God says it is ok to murder and kill these false religions. He says so in the Old Testament.

I have no problem with missionaries killing those that won’t convert.

Don’t generalize. I wasn’t raised in any religion! People who practice Christianity is in India also. Your point?


Who’s to say I would be a Buddhist, Muslim or Christian? Hinduism isn’t the only religion in India.

heres a newsflash for ya…theres a very small percentage of true christians no matter where you go. Your question is based on a theory you have…not in hard evidence.

That question is libel to take some deep thinking and soul searching. I am afraid you expect to much from the sheeple my friend,

Yes………but the tower of Babel started it all.
Some chose to serve the Creator G-d, others, other gods.
I am so glad my ancestors said, “as for me and my house we will serve the L-rd…”

I can hardly wait for Heaven to meet Yeshua (Jesus) who died for us and the one that said the above so I can thank them.

actually christian missionaries convert Hindus to christianity. christians have taken the time to go overseas to third world countries and coerce them to be christian. sad isnt it?

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