Australia beat India?

Australia can beat India. They just have done in the Womens Twenty20 international in Sydney. Will Ricky Ponting and his men be inspired by Karen Rolton and her ladies?…

And why is there so little coverage of this event?

Mithali Raj needed to do a Javed Miandad to tie the score and take it to a bowl-out; but she could only hit a four of the last ball. That should have been an absorbing contest.

Women’s cricket needs much better recognition. I think, when a cricket team tours another country, the women’s cricket team also should be touring the same nation, It should be made mandatory that the channel which telecasts the men’s cricket should telecast women’s cricket as well.

You may well ask,I wasn’t even aware it was on & I live in Sydney! But I hope Karen & her team shame Ponting & his lot into winning lol.I read & hear the news every day, but never heard about that match.

That’s news to me. But it just goes to show what little standing women’s cricket has in the world when no one knows when the games are happening and they aren’t even advertised.

I hope Ricky Ponting and his team can draw some Inspiration from the winning women’s team but I doubt he knows it happened either lol.

I wasn’t aware the game was on, I would have seen it if it’s on foxtel but not even in foxtel, I’m too busy with the rugby league world cup as well, so much happening at the moment, the Indy at Gold Coast also was on, but women’s cricket? no, why oh why..

Australia wants to win this test match otherwise they lose everything.
Ricky Ponting may be thinking about your question…lol

Ricky Ponting being inspired by womens cricket. That makes me laugh. Womens cricket is so unskilled and boring , I dont think Ponting would of known it was on.

I dont think so ?

It is difficult to beat india in every form of cricket.

Karen who?

Beat India -come again?

what event?

yes aussies can

no india is gonna crush the aussie team!!!

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