ATT dsl Internet speed test?

IS this good or bad?


Download 0.47 mb/s
Upload 0.21 mb/s
Ping 41 ms

What’s good if this is bad?

It is REALLY BAD. I have comcast… nothing special here and I got.

download 27.6 mb/s (50x better)
upload 5.34 mb/s (25x better)
ping 12 ms (3.5 better)

there is not any thank you to grantee a minimum acquire, in occasion in case you acquire a activity from a kenyan guy (extreme latency for the placement you’re logged in) who has dial-up connection this is going to final years to you acquire the report. Your ISP can no longer grantee speed downloads.

.47 = 470
.21 = 210
if you have a 1.5 download speed then its slow.

Ping is ok (I get 57ms) but download/upload is TERRIBLE!! Upload doesn’t matter so much but you need to sort out your ISP about the download. Tell them to fix it or f*ck off preferably!

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