Am I a Republican or a Democrat?

I tell myself that I am a Democrat, but Im not sure. Here are my views on things:
1. I believe in human rights
2. I am against immigrants
3. I am pro-life
4. I am anti-gun
5. I am not anti-gay (Im not gay, I just dont have a problem with gay people getting together)
6. I believe in punishment (if you do the…

you are somewhere in the middle, closer to dem.

I agree with your points on all these subjects. I am a democrat. Remember, Pro-life means anti-abortion but what choice will a woman have if she is financially stricken so much that she feels she has no choice. Desparate people take desparate actions. If the economy is flowing well then people tend to have more babies. Human Rights is definitely the key. Think about too. #1 & #3 contradict.

You are like me! Some republican views, and some democrat views and some independent views!

You are a free thinker, so don’t be tied in to labels. Just vote for the person, not the party and you won’t go wrong.

it sounds like you are mostly a democrat, but you have a couple of republican things in there. it also depends on your views on economy. a democrat would want higher taxes but more public services and a repulican wants less taxes and less public services. That is a very broad and generalized overview but for the most part the case

You might be a moderate or independent, leaning more towards the left. What are your views on taxes? Do you like more or less government involvement? What is your view on illegal immigration (legal immigration is good for our country, while illegal immigration is not)? Do you support welfare programs?

You needn’t be one or the other, that remains a place for the narrow-minded easily swayed,,,There’s nothing wrong with being a Republicrat,as it were,and open-mindedly voting the issues at hand,prioritizing those issues,and being a “true” American voter…The country needs more people like yourself

You seem to be a slightly left-leaning independent. Nothing wrong with that. It means you make up your own mind and don’t necessarily follow a party line.

You sound like a Dem who is pro-life. I’m assuming, though, that by saying “against immigration” you mean you oppose *illegal* immigration. This issue does not seem to be as partisan as many of the others you listed, though.

Libritarian. Very Libritarian.

If you had to choose between Rebublican and Democrat, however, you would be a moderate Democrat if all issues are weighted equally.

If you put them in order of weight, though, you would be a Republican.

You are split in your views (which is perfectly ok) and are better off calling yourself an Independent.

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