Does 0bama want gas prices to rise so it will detract from the sky high unemployment rate?

And provide a welcome distraction from his ineptitude as president?

Republicans think that if they talk about gas prices that no one will notice unemployment dropping.

Quite funny when they claimed that presidents don’t control the price of oil in the past and they don’t want Obama to take over the private sector.

Six of one half a dozen of another. High gas prices, contraception, etc. are spewing from the Con spin machine. I came to the conclusion a few days ago that they are doing everything possible to avoid discussing the economy and jobs. I haven’t heard one Con policy proposal re jobs.

for one gasoline costs arent some thing the administrative branch can fairly influence. additionally the reality that he’s needs to enhance the federal earnings tax by technique of three% yet isnt being allowed by technique of the republicans shows he’s attempting to tackle the debt issue yet its the republicans who’re attempting to maintain the economic equipment interior the shitter. its simply by fact its an election 3 hundred and sixty 5 days and that they might desire to artwork to make the country worse so as that they might blame it on obama. and the cons are scared shitless cuz they understand romney cant win so as that they are in simple terms scrambling to start an attack cuz the GOP wasted lots time. now for a number of his fulfillment-he have been given osama, he a minimum of stopped helping the protection of marriage act, ended dadt in military, hoepfully passes healthcare, accelerated CHIP, exceeded hate crimes invoice, appointed 2 professional determination women individuals to superb court docket

Both are devastating to the Obama camp. Gas is like a giant Grizzle Bear devouring your lunch and then taking a bite out of you, and unemployment is bad news for those who work for a living. If the Bear doesn’t get you the joblessness will. Obama has taken credit for the ingenuity of the private sector drilling, in saying that he is responsible for all this drilling that is going on. His lies will be his demise, because even the average grade school kid knows Obama has done everything in his power to halt the drilling.

Omg. U cant blame every thing on obama. He has NO control watso ever over gas prices. The companies do. If a republican wuz in office u guys would be blameing it on the companies or something else. But no, obamas in office, so lets just blame it on him cuz hes black and a demracrat. Who made the price of food go up? Obama!( that wuz saracasum) Gas went up? Obama did it! Who pooped the floor? Of couse it couldnt have been fido, obama did it! It never ends with u guys, every thing is not obamas fault, get a life.

BHO wants high prices to force peopel to use electric means of transportation. But he has no clue that trucks use diesel and their prices aer high. Goods & services rely on trucks and therefore the good & servces costs will remain high.

He thinks the unemployment is low because of the way it is presented. Discounts those that gave up looking.

Basically he can’t figure out either one.

Yes, he’s hoping for high gas prices, dropping stock prices and another war.
That way people won’t be talking about his ineptitude. It’s just common sense.

No he doesn’t because that just puts a spotlight on his failed policies concerning energy. The high unemployment rate also shines the light on failures on the subjects of the economy and job creation.

We made history and now it’s time to elect someone that has a clue,please!

The president does not control gas prices, google is your friend

High gasoline prices represent a campaign promise KEPT by Barry.

He openly threatened that his policies would “make energy prices skyrocket” but millions of suckers voted for him anyway.

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